APN Manisfesto



Nigeria returned to civil rule in 1999 after the military misadventure into our political system. The Nigerian people, who endured the unfortunate military era welcomed the new democratic dispensation with great expectations and excitements.

So great were our hopes; so great were our expectations, but our hopes and expectations all crashed on the altar of crass opportunism and primordial personal aggrandizement.

Politics and leadership have been taken to the unfortunate height of the madness of many for the gain of a few, governments that promise maximum rhetorics but minimum performance. The result is poor economic policies, abject poverty, ethnic division, pervasive corruption, general disillusionment and citizen distrust of government.

We have come to the wise realization that we must depart from the present ways of doing things. We need an alternative to what we have on ground. Our party is that alternative. APN is that vehicle Nigeria need to chart a new course that will lead us to a prosperous, united, peaceful and strong Nation.

The task before us is daunting no doubt, but we are fired up by our great resources as a Nation which is not the crude oil, gold and other solid mineral resources scattered all over the country nor the fertile lands of the country but the greatest resources which we trust will never abandon us is ‘the Nigeria character’ which has shown forth in the spirit and vigor of our youths, the ingenuity and determination of our people.

The ‘I can do spirit’ of Nigerians has nourished our resolve, it has aroused in our hearts the desire to offer the people of this great country the best alternative political platform to make Nigeria work. We in the APN shall join our hands and hearts together with the people to build the country.

It is on these that we present this manifesto. We have clearly articulated and lay out our blue print to actualize and crystallize our visions. Our major focus is on security, economic development, infrastructural development, education, health, Restructuring of the public sectors and service delivery.

The Nation today faces unprecedented security challenges, we shall be proactive in our approach to security and defense of the people and country.

We shall reshape our armed forces, Police and other security agencies to embrace digital and scientific approach, we shall set high standards for them and provide the required resources and motivation to succeed.

We shall make education qualitative, affordable, effective and mandatory. We shall set up a new policy frame work to improve our teachers at all levels of the educational sector. We shall invest heavily in scientific research and technology. Our Agricultural, Health, educational systems, infrastructural development will be scientifically driven.

Our manifestos also include policies and strategies to tackle the rot in our public health care delivery system. We shall focus on the provisions of modern hospital facilities and equipment and encourage the return of our best brains scattered all over the developed world to bring in their experiences. We shall improve the working conditions and environment of our medical personnel.

Furthermore, the APN manifesto clearly spelt out an elaborate plan to invest in critical infrastructures, basic amenities to lift up the economy and attract more foreign direct investments.

The philosophy of APN is deeply anchored on the rule of law, good governance, the fight against corruption and the promotion of democratic principles like separation of power. We shall work with other organs and arms of government as partners in progress.

More so, we shall seek to diversify our economy by opening up sectors like agriculture, solid mineral resources, steel mills, manufacturing, industries, textile and tourism. Our fiscal and monetary policies would be geared towards developing and sustaining SMEs cottage industries and entrepreneurship.

The multiplying effects of our economic policy thrust shall create massive jobs opportunities and employment generation for our teeming youths, and finally, the grand objectives of our foreign policies and relationships with the outside world is Nigeria’s interest and to take our rightful place as Africa pacesetter in the world politics.

We the members of the Alternative Party of Nigeria, APN, invite all well meaning Nigerians to join us to make Nigeria work.

We are committed to serving in principle and in total devotion to this new ideal with our people.

God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


Sheikah Bilkisu Tinuola Gambari

National Chairperson

Alternative Party of Nigeria (APN)


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